Natural Remedies for Wart Removal

Many readers of this blog that have warts are looking for treatment, but some are very much looking for a natural remedy. Salicylic acid is proven to be very effective at wart removal, and is one of the featured ingredients in Wartrol, however despite its effectiveness, people still want to know natural remedies.

Well, this article is for you! I’m going to list some natural remedies for removing warts that you can use right away. I have to say that the results for these types of treatments are quite sketchy, so you may not see the results that you could if you bought a specially designed product like Wartrol, however these are all 100% natural and may work. Wartrol is the best wart removal method, there is no doubt about that. You can see customer reviews on Wartrol before making a decision.

Duct Tape

The process of duct tape has people very popular for people that have plantar warts on their feet. This involves physically taping the wart up with duct tape, leaving it totally covered for about 6 days, then taking the tape off, soaking and cleaning the wart, and then repeating the process for several weeks until it has gone.


As for how effective it is, it is probably best used for flat warts that are on your feet. This is because there are many different types of warts, and the warts on your hands and face or even genital are different and may require different types of treatment.


There has been a study by the Mayo Clinic that garlic can actually help to remove warts. You should use freshly diced garlic cloves and then rub it into the affected area. You should then bandage the area for a few days and, similar to the duct tape treatment, apply again until the wart has gone.

The type of treatment may work for any sort of warts, but I have yet to see any real reviews from people that have used garlic to get rid of their warts.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, along with a cotton ball, is a pretty effective alternative treatment for removing warts. You apply a few drops of this onto the cotton wool, and then tape the cotton wool to your wart. You should keep doing this until your wart has been removed. Again, this works best for warts on your feet or genitals, and perhaps less so on your hands and face.

So these are a few natural methods to get rid of warts, however probably the most effective treatment for warts is Wartrol. The ingredient Salicylic acid has been scientifically proven to eliminate warts, and unlike most natural remedies, this works almost everwhere.

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